consulting, concept, design, development

We provide you all necessary services for mobile project from one source. Starting with professional consultancy to the creation of concepts and designs until the development and delivery of software. Our experts in project- and product management guarantee the delivery on time as well as a running business and they further develop your digital product continuously.

Proficient and professional

Appetite is a mobile agency with locations located in Utrecht. We are able to have an extremely motivated, distinctive organised and excellently trained team.  Furthermore, we offer a broad network and a deep know-how of professional consultancy, conception and design as well as the development of high-quality apps with long lifespans. Appetite can use the know-how of experienced specialists as much as generalists and delivers professionally in Western Europe.

Our employees, team leaders, associates and managing directors offer professional experience and deep expertise in the field of mobile applications for iOS, Android and Windows as much as security, for instance quality assurance, penetration testing, identification of weak points and gateways, security audits according to customary standards as well as planning and developing security concepts.

Our experts have long-term and practical experience in conception, design and development of user-friendly mobile apps, on all relevant platforms and for every modern device. We work in agile manner and put our focus on flexibility, progress monitoring as well as high transparency for a delivery “in time” and “in budget”.

We see ourselves as a part of your project, we advise in your favour, we are obligatory and proactive and we remain committed to our provided dedication until the agreed goal is achieved.

Perfection through commitment and passion



Appetite is a young and dynamic employer with a pleasant and relaxed work atmosphere. You want to develop mobile apps and you want to enhance the mobile world with your innovative ideas? Then become a part of our team now and design the mobile future. We are looking for: